Sunday 9 December 2012

The Cave Retreat

             Being frightened by the cannibals, Crusoe seeks the woods for a better enclosure for his goats. However, Crusoe still fears that the cannibals may find him and so he refrains from any loud or noticeable activities such as chopping wood, lighting a fire or firing his musket. Crusoe’s problems are solved when he comes upon a secluded cave.


The cave is found within the vicinity of his pasture in the woods.

The Shelter

To Crusoe, the cave is a place that people would never dare venture into if they could find it and so he believes that it is safe refuge from the cannibals. The cave is small upon entry but after crawling through a narrow passage, it opens up to large twenty-foot tall cavity covered with glimmering stones. This cavity provides Crusoe with a kitchen and workspace that is out of the reach of the cannibals.

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