Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Daniel Defoe: A Biographical and Historical Timeline

Daniel Defoe wrote Robinson Crusoe during an eventful and tumultuous time in England. The Colonial British Empire was rapidly expanding, much of Europe was at war, and Defoe himself was involved in a number of political controversies. In order to understand the story of Robinson Crusoe, one must survey the historical landscape of Defoe's own life to understand the motivations and experiences that led the author to write it.

The first timeline is a history of the British Colonial Empire, spanning from just before the 1600's to the 1740's. It outlines the history of trade, industry, and navigation in the British Empire, as well as a number of key events that impacted them.

The second timeline takes into account Daniel Defoe's life. It overlays biographical information with major events in England and Europe that would have impacted his life.

You can view the interactive timelines using the links below:

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