Thursday 6 December 2012

Inventory of Supplies and Tools

The following is a list of the different tools and building materials Robinson Crusoe had available to him based on what the ship was composed of or carrying.

Crusoe looking onto the island with a raft of salvaged
goods by his side.


carpenter's saw
carpenter's chest
2 saws
axe & hammer
2 or 3 bags of nails and spikes
great screw-jack
dozen or two hatchets
2 or 3 iron crows
3 or 4 compasses
mathematical instruments, dials, perspectives, charts

Building Materials

the ship's boat
several 'spare yards'
3 large sparrs of wood
spare topmast or two
roll of sheet lead (still on the ship)
small ropes and rope-twine
all sails and rigging from the ship
two cables and a hawser
spritsail yard and missen yard

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